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We offer scuba diving trips for certified divers, UW photographers, camera crew, custom or private tours.

Cabo Pulmo Nat Park host world class diving and our team of expert guides is ready to show it to you.


Water Temperature :  Very variable. From December to July, the water tends to be cold, can fall to 17° C/63° F.  The warm waters come from July to late November, the warmest is 30° C/87° F.

Visibility :  Varies throughout the year. The clear water season is from August to  December, when visibility can reach 100 feet or more. The months of cold water are usually murkier but crowded with big life and school of fish.

WANT TO book


To be a certified diver (if you have not dived in more than 2 years we may ask you to do a refresher dive)

2 Tank Tour duration: 3:30hs.



2500 pesos or equivalent in USD per person

Includes: Soft drinks, snacks & park fee

Full Gear rental 500 pesos

Contact Us for Custom or Private Tours



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