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AIDA 2 Freediver

Our AIDA 2 Freediver course is for confident snorkelers or swimmers who want to learn all the basic theory and techniques of freediving. This is probably the most challenging and rewarding AIDA course. For those who are already confident in the open water this course is your starting point. Our course builds a foundation of good technique and safety so that you can buddy with other AIDA 2 freedivers.


AIDA 2 course consists of:

  • two theory sessions

  • one breathing and relaxation session

  • two confined water sessions

  • three open water sessions 

  • one exam to pass at the end

Details of the course:

- During the theory sessions:

  • You will learn the basics of Freediving physics and physiology

  • Breathing and relaxation for freediving

  • How to prevent blackout and LMC

  • How to rescue a freediver in trouble; how to safely improve your dives

- During the  static apnea session:

  • Our instructor will teach you advanced breathing and relaxation techniques

  • So you will be able to extend your breath-hold times easily and safely

- During the dynamic apnea session:

  • You will learn what is the correct weighting to use

  • And you will receive precious advices on your finning technique and body position

- During the open water sessions:

  • You will practice Frenzel equalization

  • Our instructor will help you to improve your technique in Free Immersion and Constant weight: duck dive - Body and head position - streamline position during the descent - Finning technique 

  • You will practice Safety and Rescue procedures from the depth and at the surface 

  • You will learn how to use the safety lanyard 

  • How to freedive close to the reef

  • Progressive adaptation to the depth.


To successfully complete the AIDA 2 freediver course you will have to perform a 2 minutes breath-hold, swim 40m in Dynamic Apnea with fins and freedive to 16m in open water. At the end of the course you will be able to freedive comfortably to depths of 15/20 meters. 


If you want to know what is next for you take a look to our AIDA 3 course



18 years of age (16 with guardian’s consent);

be able to swim at least 200m non stop without fins and at least 300m non stop with mask, fins and snorkel.

Be an experienced scuba diver (a minimum of 25 scuba dives), or an experienced spearfisher (diving already to a minimum of 10m), or experienced in any underwater sports. 


Course duration: Usually 3.5 - 4 days


Price: 7500 pesos or equivalent in USD per person
certification fee included


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