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You are already a cetified freediver with some good experience.

You are interested to go deeper, or stay longer in Static Apnea, and improve your freediving technique?


Our AIDA 3 Freediver course is designed for the most demanding freedivers.

This course goes with more details into the theory and training concepts of Freediving which will allow you to understand the physiology and techniques behind deep freediving. Our Instructors will help you to improve safely your Freediving performances whilst advancing your safety, buddy and rescue skills. 

Our AIDA 3 is an intermediate course which builds on the skills learnt in the AIDA 2 course. It is designed to cover the necessary skills and knowledge for a recreational freediver to be able to safely freedive with or without a guideline. The aim of the course is to develop the skills and knowledge necessary to independently plan and participate in freediving activities with similarly experienced freedive buddies.

Our course is also designed to develop new skills and a higher knowledge of safety procedures and techniques for freediving such as free falling, Frenzel equalizing, training tables, the risks of increasing and decreasing pressure and how to minimize these risks.


AIDA 3 course consists of:

  • three theory sessions

  • breathing and relaxation sessions

  • two confined water sessions

  • four open water sessions 

  • one exam to pass at the end

Details of the course: 

  • You will learn what happens to the body (and lungs) when the surrounding pressure becomes greater and how the body adapts to this (mammalian dive reflex).

  • You will learn more about equalization techniques and how to perform or master the Frenzel technique. 

  • The confined water sessions will allow you to practice O2 and CO2 tables, learn training concepts for static and how to prepare a maximum attempt.

  • We will refine your swimming and diving technics, improve your streamlining position, and  perform Frenzel equalisation efficiently while freediving. You will learn and practice the free falling and how to be very relax when performing a freedive at depth.

  • More rescue scnerarios at depth and on the surface will be practice.  


To successfully complete the AIDA 3 freediver course you will have to perform a 2 minutes 45 seconds breath-hold, swim 55m in Dynamic with fins and freedive to 24 meters in the Constant Weight discipline. At the end of the course you will be able to freedive comfortably with an experienced buddy to depths of 25/30 meters. 

WANT TO book


18 years of age (16 with guardian’s consent);

Have completed the AIDA 2 Freediver course or a qualifying certification from another freediver organization - cross over evaluation will be perfom and it is not included in the course fee. 


Course duration: Usually 4-5 days.

Price: 8500 pesos or equivalent in USD per person
certification fee included



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